Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday David

One year from the 17th we had a pretty boy! I swear we could have passed him up as a girl. Today, however, I think he is as boy as he could get! Happy 1st Birthday David.

He is not playing peek-a-boo, he is literally licking his plate. :)

And he sure was happy about it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sierra was babtized on December 31, 2010.
She is a wonderful example in our home and we are very proud of her choice.
She is such a blessing and we love her very much.
Congratulations Sierra!

Christmas 2010

Christmas Pictures

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving and Birthdays

We went to Arizona for Thanksgiving this year. I could have sworn we weren't supposed to, however. Everything was against us. We were going to leave on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week and it started to snow on the Saturday before. Sierra got sick on the Friday before and David got sick on Saturday. It kept snowing, however Sierra was better on Sunday and David was on antibiotics. Monday arrived and it was still snowing with a big storm that was supposed to hit us Tuesday morning. I was murmuring. I felt like we deserved a vacation and was very upset that we may not be able to go. We rarely leave Pocatello and I just new that we were going to be stuck. It was my birthday also. Anyway, I got as ready as I dared, then Rob came home and we had birthday cake and opened presents. Then Rob went back to work and I packed our bags and prayed for faith. He got home around 10 and we finished packing our bags and the car around 2 in the morning. We then turned on the tv and watched the news from earlier and decided that if we were actually going to be able to make it we had better just go. So at 2 in the morning we put the kids in the car and left. We made it and had a great time. The weather there was amazing. The kids wore their shorts and t-shirts the entire time. It was fabulous. When we came home it was white, white, white. The day after we got home the kids put their snow suits on and went outside. :)

Sierra had her 8th birthday a week after Thanksgiving. Since it was her 8th birthday we threw her a birthday party with her friends at Deleta. It was a little psychodic, but she loved it. She will be babtized on the 31st of December. Wow!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nighttime Nightmares

A story about my kids that I will never forget. It happened Saturday night, or should I say early Sunday morning. Anyway, I'm sitting in my chair nursing my baby, completely asleep, and suddenly I hear Sierra scream and say, "No Josh, you have to wait." I wake up and run my baby into my husband because I already know what's about to happen. You have to understand my son. He is great at going potty when he needs to. However, when it's in the middle of the night, is he completely awake? NO!!! I find myself cleaning up their bathroom often because I swear he is aiming at everything except the toilet. So I run into the bathroom and Sierra is plastered against the toilet screaming and crying while Joshua is peeing all over her! Joshua is crying because he can't seem to figure out what is going on and why I'm yelling at him. I was livid. I totally yelled at Joshua, "YOU CAN'T WAKE UP LONG ENOUGH TO SEE YOUR SISTER SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?" I cleaned Sierra up, put Joshua back into bed, and cleaned up the wonderful mess all over the bathroom floor. By the way, the next day was the primary program and I am the primary music chorister, ya that made me excited. Anyway, I went to bed just knowing that I would never find this funny. Needless to say, I woke up the next morning laughing. What a night!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sierra's school picture

This is Sierra's school picture. We put Sierra's hair up and stuck that big flower in it and I kept thinking, "Are we just going to be seeing this big flower on Sierra's head and nothing else." But she thought it was great and really wanted it in, so we did it. I have to say that cute face outshines everything else in that picture.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer is over.

We went to Lagoon at the end of summer break. The kids loved it. Josh keeps asking us when we can go back. Sierra is tall enough to ride the big rides. It was great taking her on a few. She went on Wicked and impressed us all. We don't have a picture, however. It was great. Now summer is basically over for us and Sierra is back in school and Josh gets to start preschool tommorrow.

Sierra's first day of 2nd grade. So cute! She was so excited.

This is a picture of Sierra's hair. She likes to do her own hair usually. I begged her to let me do it this time, not that she doesn't do it well on her own, but I kind of wanted her to look a little more descent. Anyway, I told her we could find some cute hair do's on line and so she consented to let me do her hair. We found some super cute ways to do it, though, and I think she will let me this year. What a funny thing to fret about, I know, but I've always loved doing her hair and the little thing thinks she's pretty cool when she can do it herself. Anyway, whatever.;o)

The second day of school was even cuter, but you can't really see it. We put her hair up in a half ponytail bun thing and then stuck some flowers in it, and the front of her hair is pulled back to kind of act as a head band. Anyway, she looked awesome. I think she's realizing how fun it is to let me have my way.
I think she missed the kids while she was away. Ya, we missed her too. She did a lot for me this summer. It was a little more sad for me to see her go this year. That was a little wierd. She has to be busy, busy, busy and it drives me crazy so I get pretty excited when school starts. She walked out the door on the first day, however, and I got a little depressed. Hmm. . . better start getting calloused again, we don't want to start that blubberyness.